Tapping into the Rich Soil of My Roots

Spending two weeks with my family and attending my high school reunion has me thinking about my strongest root systems: family, friends, and Mother Nature!


Majestic Tree on Our Golf Course!
Majestic Maple on Our Golf Course!

I grew up on a 90 acre golf course in Wisconsin, and a big part of who I am is linked to that beautiful piece of land with its grass and trees, bubbling creek and pond, and big sky. The beauty of the natural world has impacted the way I look at life and the way I create art. I feel a deep-rooted connection to our Earth and all living beings; I am renewed when I walk barefoot on dew covered grass; I see “paintings” in the sky with sunrises, sunsets and clouds; I hear symphonies with the wind over the corn fields and the songs of the birds. Being in nature is good for my soul, restores my body, and expands my vision.


I am the oldest of 9 children and my parents are both going strong at 82! Most of my family still lives in the area, and I got to be with them both individually and collectively. Being part of a family clan has melded me into a person who understands and appreciates unique points of view, who experiences having someone to help or listen whenever needed, who knows the power of cooperation and collaboration (how true it is that “Many hands make work light,” Mom!), and who feels lucky to have siblings as friends. Having a large and loving family inspires me to see the world as a “global family” and have the vision of Peace. We could see that beneath seeming differences are similar hopes and dreams for a better future for our children and grandchildren.


At my high school reunion, I realized that as graduating 18 year olds, we headed off in many different directions.  Still, when we return home, we have lots of experiences to share while maintaining our strong roots. This trip home exemplified what having roots means to me.


The definition of root: a part of the body of a plant that grows downward into the soil, anchoring the plant and absorbing nutrients and moisture; the fundamental or essential part: the root of the matter.


I tap into the rich soil of my roots: the Earth, my family, my friends, and my classmates. They are a fundamental part of who I am and how I am, and have nurtured me in so many ways. And each place I have lived and each person I’ve met along my journey is another rich root system I’ve developed. What a wonderful array of nutrients and grounding I’ve received over the years! Thank you, all!



My Dad on Our Golf Course!
My Dad on Our Golf Course!


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