Kathryn by Snow

Kathryn Jaliman is a spiritual teacher, relationship expert and coach, artist, and visionary helping transform the lives of thousands of women with whom she has worked. Kathryn developed the Art of Life curriculum, which includes principles and practices of the great wisdom traditions and methodologies for collaborative relationships from the work of Alison Armstrong. Her workshops, teleclasses and coaching bring forth a distinct energy that creates the space for deep transformation and grounds women in their innate power and beauty. Limitations fall away, allowing noble qualities like clarity, love, compassion, serenity and wisdom to express. Women see their true, divine reflection, their “Essence,” and are supported in maintaining and expressing it powerfully in their daily life.


For the last 12 years, Kathryn has been a workshop leader and coach for PAX programs. She co-leads and helped design one of the advanced courses with Alison Armstrong. She began leading spiritual and relationship programs in 1980. She also worked as a program manager for the visionary inventor, Buckminster Fuller. Living in the Himalayan regions of Asia and in Taiwan, she spent nine years doing intensive spiritual practices and painting. Kathryn studied with some of the world’s great spiritual masters, including the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Kathryn studied art history at Harvard University’s Fogg Art Museum. She earned a Masters in Fine Art from Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts and a Bachelor of Science in Education and Counseling from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Kathryn is the originator of Essence Art, which is a vehicle for art to enhance the human spirit. She has been married for thirty-five years, has a son, and currently resides in the countryside north of New York City.