End of Summer Days

The temperature is beginning to decrease and I notice the sun is rising later and setting earlier these days. I see a few golden leaves beginning to turn in my backyard, and the flowers on my deck have seen better days. The “Back to School” signs are everywhere!

Oh, no! I need more Summer!

I have been thinking and feeling this so strongly. And I hear it expressed by others in the bank, grocery store and around town. So, what did I not get enough of this summer, or what do I not want that comes with Autumn and Winter?  To me, Summer means swimming, going barefoot, less structured time, picnics and canoeing… things that represent fun physical activities, being in nature, friends and family, and the joy of being outside with minimal bodily covering. You could boil it down to Nature, Fun & Freedom!

End of Summer

So, the questions I ask myself and you are, “How can we keep this alive as the Summer moves to Autumn (and beyond)?” “How can we experience this essence regardless of the temperature or season?”

For myself, feeling fun and freedom begins within me. I bring it to my day with the conscious choice of connecting with the beauty of Nature. It is as simple as looking out the window, stepping outside and breathing fresh air, and feeling the breeze. I appreciate Mother Nature’s ever-changing raiment, adorning each season with different jewels – dewdrops, colorful leaves, snowflakes, tulips… and the seasons, they go round and round.

Today, I love and celebrate summer! I will continue to honor these “End of Summer Days,” and then, I will celebrate and love Autumn.

I may need to be reminded about this when we get to Winter!



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