Dance Beyond Limits with Freedom and Compassion

Lately, I have been contemplating the qualities of Freedom and Compassion and how they go hand in hand. When I have space and freedom in my life, I notice that there is a natural outpouring of compassion from me to others. I have an ability to sense what it might be like in their world and my heart opens to them naturally and purely. I let them go ahead of me in line, I smile across the subway aisle, I stop and listen a few moments longer to the song they are singing in the park.

And when I feel another’s compassion for me, it opens up space and a renewed sense of freedom in me. Someone offering me their seat on the train, or holding the door for me when my arms are full. All these simple gestures of compassion fill me and allow me to see the world in brighter colors, breathe deeper, and expand my space until, again, I am free to be myself – my REAL self, that is.

What if there is a dance of Freedom and Compassion going on here?

What if we are all partners in this dance of life and when we are attuned to the rhythms and circumstances each of us is bringing to the dance, we could adapt, step up, let go? We could offer a hand, a smile, and an understanding that we’re in it together. Turn up the music! Lets dance beyond limits!

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