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30 Minute Private Coaching


Do you have a specific challenge that requires wisdom and clarity that you don’t seem to have?

Do you keep bumping up against uncomfortable situations or interactions with certain people and don’t know how to create a more fulfilling outcome?

Do you want to be empowered and inspired in areas of your life that have become stagnant or uninspiring?


Set up a private coaching session with Kathryn!


She will help you clarify the underlying conflicts, and reveal new methods for approaching and resolving these difficult situations.

  • You will feel inspired and equipped with tangible options in hand to handle the problems or confusion in your life.
  • You will receive practical ideas to empower you in tough or touchy situations.
  • You will feel “put back in alignment” with your BEST self.
  • You will have access to spaciousness, peace and clarity.


Once you have purchased a coaching session, we will send you the details to set up your appointment.